AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer; features and price

AQT90 FLEX analyzer

AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer. What are the AQT90 FLEX device’s features, how is it installed, what analyses does it perform, and what it’s price?

The AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer which produces by the radiometer company provides quantitative lab-quality results in as little as 10-21 mins, depending on the parameter, making point-of-care biomarker testing simple.

About AQT90 FLEX analyzer

AQT90 FLEX analyser works with a processing capacity of up to 30 samples per hour and a capacity of up to 240 tests when fully loaded.
It measures whole blood and plasma (D-dime requires only whole blood samples.), which eliminates the time-consuming sample preparation process in the lab. Only one blood sample can be used for up to five tests, which helps the healthcare provider with a fast diagnosis.

Because there is no contact with biohazards, operator safety is increased. The AQT90 FLEX analyzer reduces exposure to waste or blood-borne pathogens by minimizing pre-analytical sample handling and utilizing closed tubes.

The AQT90 FLEX analyzer has quality checks built in to ensure accurate and precise analyzer performance.

Brief information about AQT90 FLEX analyzer

instrument Name/Number AQT90 FLEX
Brand Radiometer
Usage/Application Hospital for clinical diagnostic
Sample type Blood
Tested parameter NT-proBNP, Troponin I test, D-dimer, CRP, myoglobin, cTnI, for cTnT, PCT, β-hCG
Operation Automatic
Duration of analysis 11 min, 21 min
Type of system closed
Configuration Benchtop

Advantages of AQT90 FLEX analyzers

The ABL90 FLEX PLUS blood gas analyzer is intended for use in busy clinical settings such as the ED, ICU, NICU, or delivery room, where quick results from a very small blood sample are critical for making critical diagnostic decisions. The ABL90 FLEX PLUS analyzer provides reliable results on 19 parameters-blood gas, electrolytes, metabolites, and co-oximetry-in only 35 seconds from a syringe, capillary tube, or test tube-all on a single blood sample of only 65 L.
Other advantages of the ABL90 FLEX PLUS analyzer include:

Accelerate patient flow with point-of-care testing

Point-of-care (POC) testing has numerous advantages, including:

  • Significantly shorter run times.
  • The ability to improve the patient pathway and contribute to greater clinical efficiency.
  • Potential to reduce overcrowding.

The closed tube system of the AQT90 FLEX analyzer takes POC testing to a new level of simplicity.

Insert the collection tube into the AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer. The results should then be delivered directly to the medical records via the HIS/LIS system.

Reads a wide variety of biomarkers assay

  • Infection: PCT, CRP
  • cardiac failure: NT-proBNP
  • Venous thromboembolism: D-dimer
  • Myocardial infarction: TnI, TnT, CKMB, Myo
  • Pregnancy: ßhCG

The immunoassay analyzer can function as your Simple Zone.

where point-of-care (POC) testing is as easy as dropping and going.

The AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyser is a point-of-care device that requires no manual pipetting, sample, or test kit preparation. Simply Drop’n’Go with whole blood or plasma samples.

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Make critical decisions quickly.

Rapid turnaround at the point of care has the potential to improve care quality.

Radiometer’s products and services Simplify and automate all phases of acute care testing in a short period of time. It can perform up to five different tests on a single blood sample. At POC, the AQT90 FLEX covers a wide range of critical biomarkers.

Results are delivered within 11-21 minutes, depending on the biomarker being tested. The immunoassay analyser allows you to start up to 30 tests per hour, allowing you to manage more patients at once.

Highly sensitivity

The AQT90 FLEX analysers measure small amounts of analyte while minimizing background fluorescence by using time-resolved fluorescence based on europium as a tracer. The high analytical sensitivity leads to improved clinical sensitivity, which helps in faster diagnosis.



  • Simple user interface
  • Color touch screen that can be adjusted
  • Adaptable test selection

Barcode reader

  • Scans sample data and id Numbers
  • Helps to reduce errors related to manual data entry

Inlet for the test/CAL cartridge

  • Up to 15 cartridges, each with up to 16 tests
  • When fully loaded, it can perform up to 240 tests.
  • Onboard stability for up to 23 days
  • Results in as little as 10 minutes (depending on the parameter)
  • Pre-barcoded cartridges for automatic loading into the analyzer


  • 30 tests per hour maximum
  • Automated mixing of up to two samples at the same time
  • Automatic identification of samples
  • Fits most standard 13 x 75 mm tubes
  • Closed system: no blood contact
  • Ready-to-use multilevel quality control
AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer
AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer


  • Complete LIS/HIS connectivity.
  • Full data capture via continuous synchronization.
  • Centralized remote control of decentralized instruments.
  • Connection to RADIANCE.

Pack of Reagents

  • Closed system: no waste contact.
  • Onboard stability for 25 days
  • includes a container for Reagents and waste for up to 200 tests
  • Discardable after use

AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer user manual

Simply enter your parameters and press the start button.

  1. Insert the closed sample into the inlet. There is no need to prepare the sample.
  2. Select parameters from the screen and press the start button. The sample is mixed and measured automatically.
  3. The AQT90 FLEX analyzer is ready for the second sample after 30 seconds.
  4. The results are printed and then sent to the LIS/HIS ( laboratory information system/ Hospital information system) or to patient monitors directly.

AQT90 FLEX analyzer price

AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer retails for approximately $39,000 as a new product. The price of a used device is about $4,000 US D.

The AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer is ideal for laboratories because it produces accurate results quickly and can perform up to five different tests on a single blood sample.

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