Coatron X TECO Coagulation Analyser

Coatron X: TECO Medical Instruments for Coagulation Analysis

Need an advanced coagulation analysis tool? Introducing Coatron X – the perfect solution to enhance accuracy and speed up all your workflows.

Coatron X – the revolutionary coagulation analysis tool designed to give you reliable, accurate results for all your workflows in record time. With its advanced features and technology, Coatron X can help you increase accuracy, speed up your work processes, and streamline your laboratory operations.

Overview of the Coatron-X product line

The Coatron X product family is a recent addition to the TECO Medical Instruments lineup and it offers users a range of features not found on other coagulation analyzers.

It is an advanced coagulation analysis device that helps to streamline your laboratory operations and increase accuracy. It also is specifically designed for laboratories that are looking for more tools to enhance their coagulation testing.

Coatron X utilizes technology such as machine learning and advanced algorithms to deliver accurate results in record time, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

These include two measurement channels through which the basic parameters of hemostasis phases (coagulation, fibrinolysis, and thrombosis) can be measured, automatic pipettors, and an interface serial RS232.

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Coatron X
TECO Coatron X
Name Coatron X
Brand TECO
Test type PT, APTT, TT, FIB
Sample type Blood
Sample volume 0.075 ml (0.002536 US fl oz)
Dimensions 230 x 148 x 94 mm (l, b, h)
Display Touchscreen

Features and Benefits of the Coatron X

Coatron X
TECO Coatron X

The Teco Coatron X Clotting Device is a fully automated Hemostasis Analyzer that is made by Teco Medical, It offers a host of benefits for hospital administrators and clinicians.

These instruments are equipped with optical detection technology, making them ideal for measuring the coagulation process in both manual and semi-automated modes.

Among the features of this device are:

  1. The intuitive and easy one-button interface
  2. The reduced reagent
  3. The sample volume for less cost per test.
  4. Can be used to perform different chromogenic assays and coagulation assays such as :
    • PT, PTT, TT, Fibrinogen, and single-factor tests.
  5. Furthermore, TECO trades the full line of coagulation and hemostasis reagents.
  6. The ability to save your data centrally on a server. This allows you to share your data with other users and make it easier to track trends.

To get the most accurate results, make sure to use the Coatron-X instrument with optical detection technology. This technology enables you to detect proteins and other molecules with high accuracy and precision.

Thanks to these features, hospitals can maximize their efficiency and performance while maintaining high standards of quality.

With the Coatron X product family, these maintenance tasks are now automated and can be performed more regularly and efficiently. Additionally, the Coatron-X product line offers increased accuracy and sensitivity, which makes it ideal for use in blood testing and hematology research. If you are looking for an instrument that will last through many years of use, the Coatron X product line is the perfect choice for you.

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