Everything You Need to Know about Medica EasyBloodGas analyzer

Medica's EasyBloodGas Analyzers

Medica EasyBloodGas Analyzer. Diagnose accurately and quickly with this innovative, trusted Analyzer. Get all the information you need from here.

Medica EasyBloodGas Analyzer is the perfect choice for busy laboratories looking to save time and money. If you looking for a reliable and accurate way to measure blood gases? Look no further than Medica EasyBloodGas analyzer.
This device is designed to provide fast, precise results that enable healthcare professionals to make informed decisions quickly. Read on to learn more about this amazing device and how it can help you in your practice.

Introduction to Medica EasyBloodGas Analyzer

Medica Corporation is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of in vitro diagnostic analyzers, reagents, and consumables designed to meet the needs of the medical industry.

Medica has redefined blood gas analyzer with the company’s flagship product – the EasyBloodGas analyzer. It is a revolutionary device that offers traditional blood gas analysis in an innovative and compact format. The EasyBloodGas analyzer measures pH, PCO2, and PO2 levels to provide accurate readings, as well as calculate eleven additional parameters.

This device also allows for patient parameters to be entered, including FIO2 and Hb levels. Thanks to its compact size and easy integration into existing workflows, the EasyBloodGas analyzer saves space and ensures economical operation.

Additionally, this device utilizes a universal sampler for both syringe and capillary sampling that works on the principle of tonometry. Maintenance-free plugs in electrodes also come standard with the EasyBloodGas analyzer.

Features and Benefits of Medica EasyBloodGas Analyzer

Medica Easy Blood Gas analyzer is designed to address the laboratory’s need to economically deliver sample results. The key features and benefits of the EasyBloodGas analyzer include:

  1. Self-wiping sample probe, which provides convenience, sample integrity, and user safety.
  2. Measuring pH, PCO2, and PO2 and calculating 11 additional parameters, including temperature, FIO2 Hb and Hct.
  3. The sample probe is compatible with both syringe and capillary samples for maximum flexibility.
  4. The compact design of the EasyBloodGas analyzer allows for space-saving convenience.
  5. The Device is also equipped with a high-temperature sterilizer that is able to kill bacteria and germs without affecting the quality of results.
  6. The device is designed to be user-friendly, with a large LCD display that clearly displays the results of the analysis.
  7. The user can easily enter patient parameters into the device, which can help ensure that accurate results are obtained.
  8. It comes in a compact design which saves space and ensures convenience in any medical setting.

This Features allows lab technicians to quickly start up and train on the analyzer, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and productivity for labs.

How Does Medica’s EasyBloodGas analyzer Work?

The Medica Easystat Blood Gas Analyzer works by taking a small sample of capillary or syringe-drawn blood, which is then placed into the device for analysis.

The analyzer then processes the sample, using highly accurate sensors to measure the key parameters in the blood.

The Medica EasyBloodGas Analyzer is also equipped with a universal sampler that can accommodate both syringe and capillary samples. This makes it ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals, and clinics.

Universal Sampler Adapts to Syringe and Capillary Samples

Medica EasyBloodGas analyzer
Medica EasyBloodGas analyzer

The Universal Sampler from Medica is a revolutionary device that allows both syringe and capillary samples to be used with the EasyBloodGas analyzer.

The sample probe’s self-wiping mechanism ensures a clean sample, while the safePICO syringes help provide a homogenous sample. The syringe comes with a built-in mixing ball and dry electrolyte-balanced heparin, helping you to obtain accurate results quickly and efficiently.

With this Universal Sampler, users can get an accurate reading with just one sample, eliminating the need for multiple samples and reducing the time needed for analysis.

This feature helps to eliminate the potential for cross-contamination and keeps the Medica EasyBloodGas analyzer in optimal working condition.

Compact Format for Space-Saving Convenience

Medica EasyBloodGas analyzer has been designed with a small footprint to save laboratory space. This compact format offers easy integration into laboratory operations. The gas tanks have been eliminated with this design which further reduces the space requirements for the analyzer. Medica Corporation has manufactured modular designs with small footprints to save laboratory space. This has made it possible for laboratories to use the same traditional blood gas analyses with a compact and space-saving design.

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Entering Patient Parameters for Accurate Results

The Easystat Analyzer from Medicaa is designed to measure pH, PCO2, and PO2, as well as calculate 11 additional parameters. Additionally, patient parameters, including FIO2 and Hb, can be entered using the digital keypad. This enables the integration of patient’s information into the results.

The digital keypad is designed to accurately enter the patient’s parameters quickly and easily. The data is then integrated into the results for a more accurate diagnosis. This enables healthcare professionals to provide better care to their patients.

The EasyBlood Gas Analyser from Medica has a 24-position patient sample tray that enables the use of small sample volumes. The state of the art automated pipetting system ensures accuracy and precision in results. With this feature, healthcare professionals are able to provide more accurate diagnosis with minimal effort.

The Medica Easystat is an essential tool for healthcare professionals. It provides accurate results and allows for easy entry of patient parameters for a more comprehensive diagnosis. This makes it an invaluable tool in providing quality care to patients.

Price of Medica EasyBloodGas Analyzers

The price and availability of Medica’s EasyBloodGas Analyzers vary depending on the region. In the United States (USA), the EasyBloodGas Analyzer is available for purchase through authorized distributors of Medica Corporation. The price of a single unit of the EasyBloodGas Analyzer ranges from $3,700 to $5,000. The EasyBloodGas Analyzer is also available for rental in select markets in the US.

Medica Corporation offers a variety of support services for its products, including installation, training, and service contracts. Medica also offers a range of financing options to make it easier for customers to acquire their analyzer.

The Medica EasyBloodGas analyzer is also available in other countries around the world. Customers outside of the United States can contact Medica Corporation directly for pricing and availability information.

The Medica EasyBloodGas analyzer provides fast and reliable results to help make informed decisions quickly. With its unique design and modern features, the EasyBloodGas analyzer is a great addition to any laboratory setting. It is available at an affordable price and is sure to be a great investment for any medical facility.

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