NycoCard Reader II; Features and applications

NycoCard Reader II

NycoCard Reader II, is 4 devices in one device, What are its features and characteristics, and what are its uses and analysis does it perform?

NycoCard Reader II (Axis-Shield, Norway) is a Point of Care instrument that measures all NycoCard products quickly and accurately. Doctors will get accurate, quantitative results from all NycoCard tests using NycoCard Reader ii.

About NycoCard Reader II

NycoCard Reader II (Axis-Shield, Norway) is produced by the USA company “Abbott”, for more than 20 years, labs around the world have relied on the NycoCard Reader II for accuracy, dependability, reliability, and easy to use. The NycoCard READER II is designed for labs that use multiple/batch testing and can run two tests on a single platform. There is no interference from common Hb variants in the HbA1c assay. Lab technicians will appreciate how simple it is to use: after units a simple black/white calibration at startup, the instrument is ready to use.

NycoCard Reader ii is used for the quantitative determination of The hbA1c test, CRP test, D-Dimer test, and µ-Albumin.

Product Description

The NycoCard READER II is a small battery-powered device that can measure all NycoCard products.
It is consists of two components:

  1. the instrument box, which serves as the operational and calculating unit.
  2. the Reader pen, which detects the signal.

NycoCard Reader II  has a central well for applying samples and reagents that are shaped to fit the Reader pen.
The measurement begins automatically when the pen is placed over the sample and the pen sleeve is pushed down, and the test result appears on the display.

Features of the NycoCard II

Features and benefits of the NycoCard II include:

  • NycoCard Reader 2 is simple to use
  • Rapid, quantitative outcomes
  • Easily operated by only three buttons, and the display shows all of the instructions
  • The results are displayed immediately after the test is completed
  • A compact, lightweight benchtop instrument
  • Require Minimal maintenance
  • Local language preference
  • Battery-powered and portable (optional)
  • 2 tests on 1 platform (HbAc and CRP)
  • 3-minute test time
  • Small sample size
  • Ideal for small series measurements
  • Traceable to the IFCC HbAc Reference Method
  • Boronate affinity test principle for HbAc

Technical information for nycocard reader ii

Instrument box 200 × 170 × 70 mm
Reader pen L 144 mm, d: 29.5 mm
Weight 540 g (INCL. Reader pen and batteries
Display type LCD, 2 × 16 characters
Communication interface Rs-232
Power supply
Batteries Rechargeable NiMH batteries only,
size AA,1.2 v, recharge 8–18 hours
Battery charger Mascot type 9725 or equivalent
Operating conditions
Temperature 15°c–35°c* (recommended range is 18°c–25°c)
Relative humidity 0%–90%
 Avoid direct sunlight/too dim light

NycoCard II assays

The Abbott NycoCard READER II user Manual pdf includes all of the steps necessary to make it simple to use for all users. nycocard reader ii service manual comes with the device and is also available as a PDF online for download. the Available tests carried out by the device include:

1- HbA1c test

NycoCard Reader II
NycoCard Reader II

Glycated hemoglobin, also known as HbA1c or simply A1c, measurements provides an accurate and dependable method of routinely monitoring the quality of metabolic control in diabetics.
Several studies have shown that good metabolic control is important in preventing and slowing the progression of diabetic late complications in people with type I and type II diabetes.

Characteristics of NycoCard HbAc

  • Sample material: 5μl Whole blood
  • Test result within 3 minutes
  • Measuring range: 3-18% HbAc
  • Reference range: 4.5-6.3% Hb1Ac
  • No interference of hemoglobin variants of derivatives
  • Within and between runs, the coefficient of variation is less than 5%.

Test procedure

  1. Mix 5 μl whole blood into the R1 reagent. Mix thoroughly. incubate for 2-3 minutes
  2. Remix. Apply 25 μl of the reaction mixture to the Test Device. Allow soaking
  3. Pour in 25 μl of R2/Washing Solution. Allow soaking
  4. Using the NycoCard READER, read the result within 5 minutes.

2- CRP test

NycoCard measures C-reactive protein (CRP), which is an acute phase protein that rises rapidly after infection, Importantly, high readings are usually seen in bacterial infections, but only low to moderate levels in viral infections.

Characteristics of Nycocard CRP

  • Measuring range
    • Whole blood samples: 8-250 mg/L
    • Serum or plasma sample: 5-150 mg/L
  • Sample Material: 5 μl of whole blood/serum/plasma
  • Test Principle: Solid phase, sandwich-format, an immunometric assay using a gold antibody conjugate.
  • Expected values: Normal values < 5mg/L

Procedure for testing

  1.  Place a 5 l capillary containing the patient sample into the R1/Dilution Liquid tube and mix thoroughly for 10 seconds.
  2.  Fill the test device with 50 l of diluted sample. Allow time to soak (approx 30 seconds).
  3.  Conjugate the test device with 1 drop R2. Allow time to soak (approx 30 seconds).
  4.  Wet the test device with 1 drop of R3/Washing Solution. Allow time to soak (approx 20 seconds).
  5. Read the outcome in 5 minutes. For blood samples, use the CRP Whole Blood menu, and for serum plasma samples, use the Serum/Plasma menu.

3- D-Dimer test

D-Dimer is a protein that is released into the bloodstream during the breakdown of a fibrin blood clot.
The presence of D-Dimer in the bloodstream is used to detect the formation and breakdown of a blood clot somewhere in the body.

Characteristics of Nycocard ii D-Dimer

  • Accurate D-dimer results within two minutes
  • Combines the speed and simplicity of the latex methods with the analytical quality of ELISA methods
  • No dilution of plasma · Defined positive control included in the kit
  • Available both as card and single test ·No time-dependent incubation step
  • Sample Material: 50 μl of undiluted platelet-free citrated plasma
  • Test Principle: Solid phase, sandwich-format, an immunometric assay using a gold antibody conjugate
  • Measuring range: 0.1-20mg/L
  • Expected values: Normal values < 0.3mg/L

Test procedure

  1.  Fill the test device with 50 μl of R2/washing solution. Allow time to soak
  2. Fill the device with 50 μl of platelet-free citrated plasma. Allow the sample to soak for a few minutes (approx 50 seconds)
  3. Pour 50 μl of R1/conjugate into the device and soak it (approx 50 seconds).
  4. Pour 50 µl of R2/washing solution into the test device and soak for 30 minutes
  5. Read the result within 2 minutes using Nycocard READER ii

4- µ-Albumin (Microalbumin)

Microalbuminuria is defined as a persistent increase in urinary albumin excretion to 20-200 g/min or 20-200 mg/L when using early morning urine. Microalbuminuria has been shown in studies to independently predict cardiovascular morbidity and all-cause mortality in people with essential hypertension. Monitoring µ-Albumin is worthwhile in order to assess the effect of antihypertensive treatment on target-organ damage.

Characteristics NyoCard µ-Albumin

  • simply quick and convenient – within only 3 minutes a quantitative test result is obtained
  • Sample Material: 50μl urine
  • Measuring range: 5-200 mg per L albumin
  • Rest principle: Solid phase, sandwich-format, immunometric assay
    using a gold-antibody conjugate.
  • In controlled laboratory testing, a coefficient of variation(CV) of 5-8% is usually obtained

Test procedure

  1. Pour 50 l of urine into the R1/Dilution Liquid. Combine thoroughly.
  2. Fill the Test Device with 50 micro units of diluted urine.
  3. Fill the Test Device with 50 micro units R2/Conjugate.
  4. Clean the Test Device with 50 μl R3/Washing Solution.
  5. Using the NycoCard Reader ii, read the test results within 5 minutes.

The NycoCard reader ii provides dependable results that are easily accessible when and where you need them. Patient consultations can be conducted with certainty.

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