Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor, Features and Price

Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor is the most advanced BP monitor on the market. It features an easy, automatic memory, and a large LCD screen.

Omron evolv blood pressure monitor is the perfect solution. Learn more about this top-of-the-line device, and how it can help you manage your health.

Overview of the Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron Evolv Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a revolutionary device that makes it easier than ever to keep track of your blood pressure.
Its slim, comfortable design allows one-armed usage, and its wireless connectivity makes it a breeze to get accurate readings with minimal hassle.
The monitor is equipped with advanced technology that ensures accuracy and reliability in each reading. With its convenient size and easy-to-use interface, the Omron Evolv is an ideal choice for at-home blood pressure monitoring and tracking. Whether you’re a medical professional or just trying to stay on top of your health, Omron Evolv can help you maintain better control of your health.

Features and Functions

The Omron EVOLV is a convenient and easy-to-use upper arm blood pressure monitor that offers 360-degree accuracy through its clinically validated technology. It is designed with a pre-formed cuff for effortless measuring and monitoring and has no tubes or wires. The Evolv also includes Omron’s exclusive heart health algorithm, Advanced Accuracy, which measures more data points than the traditional oscillometric method while providing consistent readings. With its wireless connection to the Omron Connect app, users can save and share their health data with their doctor or family. This innovative one-piece monitor makes it simple for anyone to measure and track their blood pressure conveniently at home.

Ease of Operation

The Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the most user-friendly blood pressure monitors on the market. With its cuff-and-monitor-in-one design, it fits comfortably on the upper arm while providing consistent measurements.
The device is easy to use as all you need to do is sit comfortably at home, place your arm in and press a button. Furthermore, with its Bluetooth compatibility, readings are automatically sent to your smartphone for seamless management of health data.
All this makes for an incredibly convenient way to monitor and manage your blood pressure levels!

Accurate Readings

Getting an accurate reading on your blood pressure is important to ensure you are taking the right steps in managing your health.
The Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor is a cuff-and-monitor-in-one device that has been tested and proven to provide consistent readings. Studies have shown the Omron HEM-907XL to be highly accurate, with no cords required and a small size for easy portability.
The upper arm blood pressure monitor takes readings in any position and can track data over time for better tracking of health changes. It also features Intelli Wrap Cuff technology for an even more accurate reading, so you can be sure your results are reliable.
With all these features, the Omron Evolv is a great choice for those looking for an accurate blood pressure monitor.

Display Screen and Memory Capacity

The Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor that features a large, LCD display and plenty of memory capacity.
The cuff fits arms from 20 cm to 55 cm and measures pressure range from 0 Torr to 300 Torr. It’s fully automatic and can store up to 200 measurements in its built-in memory.
The display shows your systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse all on one screen with the numbers being easy to read. Additionally, it has an outlet for external power supply so you don’t have to worry about charging it. With the Omron Evolv, you can get accurate readings quickly and easily for optimal monitoring of your health.

Battery Life and Power Options

The OMRON Evolv Wireless Upper Arm home blood pressure monitor (BP7000) is a great device for those who need to self-monitor their blood pressure. It features an innovative, one-piece design and uses our exclusive heart health algorithm to provide accurate readings with each use. The monitor is powered by four AAA batteries and has a lengthy life, so you can be sure that your readings remain accurate.

Connectivity with Mobile Devices

Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor

This pocket-sized device comes with NFC connectivity that allows it to wirelessly transfer data from a bp monitor to a smartphone or hand-held device using the OMRON Connect Mobile App.
The Evolv measures your blood pressure in seconds and syncs it to your phone, so you can easily keep tabs on your health. Plus, its Intelli Wrap Cuff ensures accurate readings every time. The monitor also pairs wirelessly with up to eight phones or tablets at any given time, making it perfect for families who want to track their health together. With this device, you can easily and conveniently keep track of your blood pressure anytime, anywhere.

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Pros and Cons of the Omron Evolv BP Monitor

The Omron Evolv BP Monitor is an excellent choice for those looking for an easy and accurate way to monitor their blood pressure. The cuff-and-monitor-in-one design makes it easy to use and the wireless technology allows for effortless monitoring. The backlit display on the cuff allows you to easily read your readings, and the wireless technology ensures that your readings are consistently accurate.


  1. Easy to use – no tubes or extra equipment needed.
  2. one-button system for straightforward setup and use.
  3. Bluetooth and wireless technology for effortless monitoring.
  4. Backlit display on the cuff for easy reading of readings.
  5. the monitor also includes IntelliWrap technology which ensures reliable readings.
  6. Wireless technology ensures consistent accurate readings.
  7. Portable size makes it convenient to take with you wherever you go.
  8. Averages three readings for more reliable results.
  9. The monitor also wirelessly connects to your smartphone and stores up to 200 readings so you can easily track progress over time.


  1. Fairly pricey compared to other BP monitors
  2. Poorly calibrated reading, usually 20 points over actual results

Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor price

The Omron Evolv Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor features a sleek, modern design with intuitive controls and a unique Intelli Wrap cuff for easy and precise measurements. This top-of-the-line monitor comes with a price tag to match – currently retailing at around $80. Despite this, it is still one of the more affordable options out there that offers superior accuracy and reliability compared to other models.

The Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor is an automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor that is designed for ease of use, accuracy and portability. it is currently one of the best bluetooth smart device blood pressure monitors on the market.

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