ProFlex PCR System

ProFlex PCR System

ProFlex PCR System combines flexible configuration and control features with the dependability and performance that have come to be expected from Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers.

About ProFlex PCR System

ProFle PCR Systems are the most recent Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers, offering the reliability, dependability and performance you’ve come to expect from Applied Biosystems instruments.

ProFlex PCR is the only thermal cycler that allows three users to control three independent interchangeable blocks to maximise throughput or run experiments concurrently.

By allowing you to design and securely upload your methods and monitor runs from any smartphone or desktop computer, the ProFlex PCR System helps keep the lab’s PCR experiments visible, controllable, and on track.

ProFlex PCR System brief description

Model Name/Number ProFlex PCR System
Brand Thermo Fisher Scientific
Manufacturer Applied Biosystems
Usage Laboratory
Applications Fast PCR, PCR, PCR & Real-Time PCR, Routine PCR, Thermal Cyclers
Wells 3 x 32-well, 96-well, 2 x 96-well
Volume Range 10 to 80 µL (3 x 32-well / 96-well), 10 to 100 µL (2 x 96-well)
Temperature Range 0ºC to 100.0ºC
Heating Rate Maximum sample ramp rate: 4.4°C/sec (3 x 32-well / 96-well), 3.0°C/sec (2 x 96-well)
Temperature Consistency <0.5°C (30 sec after reaching 95°C)
Display Touch screen interface
Dimensions (WxDxH) 33.0 x 56.5 x 27.2 cm (13 x 22 x 10.6 in.)

ProFlex PCR System General Features

ProFlex PCR System

The ProFlex PCR system is ideal because it offers numerous features, including:

  • Use the 3×32-well, 0.2-mL block to run three experiments at the same time.
  • Replace the 3×32-well block with another type of block, If your throughput requirements change. This step usually takes less than 15 seconds and does not require any tools or kits.
  • Remote (and conveniently) access the system via Wi-Fi and a free mobile app from any location.
  • Mobile App Integration Before you arrive at the lab, use a mobile app to check availability, download experimental report files, receive alerts, and more.
  • 8.4-inch Touchscreen Display The simple and intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy to program and reduces the amount of time spent learning how to use the system.
  • optimize your PCR quickly and efficiently, using better-than-gradient VeriFlexTM blocks to .
  • Run three experiments at the same time with Multiple users and three independently controlled blocks.
  • Use the touchscreen interface to program the instrument
  • Accepts four different types of thermal blocks for thermal optimization and throughput.
  • Works with current assays and performs in thermal simulation modes like an old instrument.
  • Interchangeable Building Blocks
  • Reaction Time: Quick or Slow

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Instructions of ProFlex PCR System Installation

see the manual that comes with the device, which contains installation instructions, which are as follows

  1. Open the shipping crate to unpack the ProFlex PCR System. You would have received three boxes for the ProFlex System, one containing the base module, another containing the block module, and a third containing accessories.
  2. Transfer the ProFlex System to an installation location that:
    • Meets the ProFlex System’s spatial and weight requirements
    •  Is within 1 meter (3 feet) of an 800 VA power outlet
  3. Turn away from the unit.
  4. Place the ProFlex 96-Well Sample Block or ProFlex 3×32-Well Sample Block on top of the ProFlex Base, with the latching mechanism on the right.
  5. To secure the block to the base, push the latching mechanism all the way to the left.
  6. Connect the ProFlex System:
    1. Install any necessary electrical safety devices.
    2. Connect the cable to an 800 VA electricity receptacle.
    3. In the absence of an ethernet cable or a network port, you can connect the instrument to the network using a USB-enabled Wi-Fi card.
  7. Wait for the instrument to start up after pressing the power button. After the touchscreen displays the Main Menu, indicating that the ProFlex System startup is complete, continue with the installation. When you turn on the equipment, it may take up to 30 seconds to start up.
  8. Following successful installation, the Home screen will appear.

ProFlex PCR System price

instrument price
Applied Biosystems ProFlex 2 x 96-well PCR System 16,640
Applied Biosystems ProFlex 2 x Flat PCR System 16,050
Applied Biosystem ProFlex 3 x 32-well PCR System, 0.2 mL 10,670
Applied Biosystem ProFlex 2 x 384-well PCR System 16,120


The ProFlex PCR System is the latest in thermo fisher line of Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers. Which provides highly efficient results and ensures the development of the laboratory or institution in which it is placed

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