Stat Fax 4500 Biochemistry Analyzer

Stat Fax 4500

Find out more about the Stat Fax 4500 Biochemistry Analyzer, and get familiarized with what is its features and benefits, and how to use it.

The Stat Fax 4500 Biochemistry Analyzer is designed for performing general chemistry tests in research, clinical, and industrial applications. This reliable analyzer offers a wide range of assays and reagents that are designed to provide quick and accurate results. With its intuitive user interface and automated processes, the Stat Fax 4500 simplifies complex workflows and boosts laboratory productivity.

About Stat Fax 4500

The Stat Fax 4500 is a small, low-cost standalone chemistry analyzer. The Stat Fax 4500 Chemistry Analyzer features brilliant bichromatic optics, on-board curve-fitting software, and an integrated printer to increase throughput and productivity. On-board curve fitting calculations are accompanied by step-by-step user prompting to simplify and ease operation. Its streamlined design offers a touch screen (LCD) interface and superb optics with a USB mouse option. It also has a large non-volatile memory that can store up to 120 user-entered tests.

The chemistry analyzer stat fax can also perform single point calibration by standard or factor, multipoint calibration, and kinetic rate calibration by standard or factor (batch or single). The Stat Fax 4500 works with IAD filters and can accommodate 12 mm tubes and cuvettes. The low-cost unit also includes a temperature-controlled read cell at 37 °C.

Product details

Stat Fax 4500 Biochemistry Analyzer
Stat Fax 4500 Biochemistry Analyzer
Brand Awareness Technology
In-Vitro Diagnostic Use, Clinical Use, Hospital Use
Model Stat Fax 4500
Automation Semi Automatic
Type Bench-top
Parameters Biochemistry parameters
Reaction Cuvette FlowCell, Reusable Cuvette
Standard Wavelengths 340, 405, 505, 545, 580, and 630 nm (alternative filters available from 340-700 nm)
Minimum Sample Volume 1mL for 12mm round tube
Speed Reads, calculates and prints results, 3 seconds per tube
Display Thermal dot matrix, with graphic capability
Interface USB mouse
Test Menu More than 50 open channels for test storage; stores all parameters such as test names, wavelength, unit codes, calculations, and standard values.
Dimensions Approx 9 x 13.5 x 5 in (24 x 34 x 13 cm), 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)

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Stat Fax 4500 features

Programmable Open System StatFax 4500 is a compact, standalone biochemistry analyzer featuring with:

  • Reads square cuvettes, round tubes, and flow cells.
  • 12mm tubes or cuvettes can be accommodated.
  • A 37 C incubation block with 12 stations is built in.
  • Cooling of the read cell at 25°C, 30°C, or 37°C is optional.
  • Removable flowcell to cut down on reagent consumption.
  • Rapid fluid sampling flow cell with low carryover
  • Graphic display on a touch screen.
  • Filter wheel with 8 positions.
  • Six filter wheels (340 nm – 700 nm).
  • Making and modifying reaction graphs and calibration curves.
  • Non-volatile memory capable of storing 120 programmable tests.
  • USB connection to a computer running Stat Fax capture software.
  • IAD filters are used in Stat Fax reader.

Stat Fax 4500 price

The price of Stat Fax 4500 Biochemistry Analyzer is approximately $2,373.00 to $2,625.00, which varies from country to another, and from supplier to supplier.

From the ease of operation to rapid results delivery, The Stat Fax 4500 Biochemistry Analyzer has become an invaluable tool for clinical laboratories.

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