Hitachi Aperto 0.4 Tesla MRI Scanner; Description and price

Hitachi Aperto 0.4 Tesla

Hitachi Aperto 0.4 Tesla MRI Scanner, produced by Japan’s Hitachi Medical Corporation, What are its specifications, and its average price?

Hitachi Aperto 0.4 Tesla is an elegant new open-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system that produces images of comparable quality to high-field systems.

About Hitachi company

The Aperto 0.4 Tesla MRI produced by Japan’s Hitachi Medical Corporation, a market pioneer, is backed by extensive industry experience and market knowledge. Its goal is to provide ongoing clinical application updates to MRI scanner customers.

Hitachi Medical Systems Europe Holding AG, Steinhausen, Switzerland, is Hitachi Healthcare’s European representative. The firm is a top provider of open and powerful high-field MRI systems, multi-slice CT systems, and medical ultrasound systems. Clinical applications of ultrasound expertise include radiology, cardiology, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, gastroenterology, urology, and surgery. Hitachi Medical Systems Europe provides a comprehensive set of solutions to a wide range of medical problems.

Also among the products of Hitachi Medical Systems Europe (HMSE) in the field of MRI systems are:

  • APERTO Lucent Plus “0.4 Tesla permanent magnet MRI”.
  • Hitachi Airis II
  • AIRIS Vento Plus “0.3 Tesla permanent Open MRI system”.
  • ECHELON Smart Plus.

About Hitachi Aperto 0.4 Tesla

The refurbished Hitachi Aperto lucent open MRI system creates exceptional comfort for the patient with its elegant, single-pillar, open-sided design. It is the only panoramic MRI scanner available due to its unique design.

APERTO Lucent uses advanced Hitachi technologies to diagnose accurately with the highest image quality.

Its single-column design uses open-space ergonomics to provide excellent patient and operator comfort while allowing quick scans.

It offers the highest image quality and the shortest examination times for all applications, including trauma, orthopedics, neurology, angiology, general radiology, and emergency exams.

The APERTO Lucent o.4T does not need helium cooling because permanent magnet power it.

Product Details

Brand Hitachi
Model Name Number Aperto
Magnetic Strength 0.4 T
Machine Condition Refurbished
Magnet Type Permanent
Max. Amplitude 22 mT/m
Max. Slew Rate 55 T/m/s
Minimum Order Quantity 1

Hitachi Aperto Lucent 0.4T features

Hitachi Aperto Lucent 0.4T is characterized by many wonderful features such as:

  • The field strength of 0.4T using an eddy current free magnet.
  • a single pillar.
  • A 320-degree open gantry that is completely non-claustrophobic.
  • The slew rate of 55T/m/s and a gradient field of 22mT/m.
  • The patient’s table is fully motorized and has lateral table movement.
  • MRA (PC & TOF), CE MRA, EPI/DWI, MRCP, and other applications are covered in detail.
  • Only 3kW of power is used.

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Device Description

Hitachi Aperto 0.4 Tesla
Aperto 0.4 T.

The Aperto 0.4 T device is designed with standard specifications for ease of use by specialists and to provide the greatest degree of comfort for the patient. Among the main specifications of the device:

Less overload on the eyes

The GUI has a soft celadon-based color, and Complex MRI imaging parameters are clearly displayed on the Windows-based wide screen for easy viewing.

Personalize your protocol

Even during an examination, routine protocols can be easily registered and edited. For incorrectly entered parameters, UI options are automatically displayed as a guide for operators to select and correct the error.

Reconstruct multiple cross-sections at once.

Curved MPR allows for the reconstruction of arbitrary section images from 3D image data. It allows for the simultaneous imaging of multiple curves, which is beneficial in the case of scoliosis. Radial MPR can be useful in diagnosing complex structural tissues, such as those found within the knee joint.

Advanced Technological Capabilities

  1. Magnetic field correction is simple
    • Supershim’s high-order curved surface shimming function overcomes the limitations of using linear shimming to correct static magnetic field homogeneity.
  2. High-definition imaging capability
    • For higher-definition images of join regions required for orthopedic imaging, an image reconstruction matrix of 2048 x 2048 is obtained.
  3. Solenoid receiver coils are now available
    • The higher sensitivity solenoid receiver coils can acquire regions that require a small FOV and high spatial resolution. The small diameter coil is designed for easy fitting to position target regions in the coil’s center.

Patient comfort

  • Tesla open MRI aspect is designed to reduce claustrophobia and anxiety, providing the best patient experience possible.
  • The lateral Slide For centralizing any target regions within the MRI for optimal imaging position.
  • The Floating Table For improved patient access.

How much does Hitachi Aperto 0.4 Tesla cost?

MRI machine prices are affected by several factors, including field strength, year of manufacture, gradient strength, slew rate, and channels. The higher the number of these, the higher the price.

  • The current price range for Hitachi Aperto 0.4T is 200 – 300.000 euros.
  • The average price in USD is $ 281,552.

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Limited (Blue Star E&E) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Star Ltd, one of India’s most reputable companies, and is the exclusive distributor and preferred seller of MRI systems such as the Hitachi Aperto 0.4 Tesla in India.

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