Micro lab RX 50 biochemistry analyzer; features and Specifications

Micro lab RX 50

Micro lab RX 50 biochemistry analyzer. what is microlab RX, what are its main features and Specifications, and what is its price?

Micro lab RX 50 biochemistry analyzer is well known for its simplicity of operation. It is capable of performing all biochemistry as well as Coagulation examinations.

About Micro lab RX 50

Micro lab RX 50 is one of the products of Micro Lab Instruments Indian company, which began in 1994 as a service company for biochemistry analyzers, blood cell counters, and clinical diagnostic products, with a professional after-sales service team. Micro lab entered manufacturing in 2006 and has been operating as a manufacturing unit since then. Micro Lab Instruments provides valuable diagnostic aid to society through its valuable products; it is a well-known company with high-quality instruments.

microlab biochemistry rx 50 Can perform all chemical plus Coagulation test such as PT / INR / Ratio APTT. Serum, Plasma, CSF, Urine, Whole Blood, and Hemoiysate are examples of sample types.

Microlab RX50 Specifications

Instrument type Biochemistry Analyzer
Brand Micro Lab
Model Name/Number RX-50
Operation semi-automatic
Configuration benchtop
Usage/Application laboratories
Principle Absorption spectrometry
Range of measurement From – 0.1 to 3.0A for 340nm, – 0.1 to 3.5A WL range 405 to 670nm
Nominal spectral range Automatic via filter wheel
Bandwidth 8 nm (± 2nm)
sample reading Dual mode (Flow cell – Cuvette)
Dimensions 36 cm x 41 cm x 15 cm
Weight 6 Kg
Power Consumption 80 W

Main Features of automatic biochemistry analyzer RX

Micro lab RX 50
Micro lab RX 50 biochemistry analyzer
  • Easy-to-use software
  • End Point Method – Memory storage of Abs of Reagent blank.
  • Editing of patient identification, name/number (12 characters), and factor Print the laboratory and doctor’s names.
  • Kinetic test: On-line graph and OD. Editing graphs is possible. Estimation of the outcome
  • Optional 90 mins battery backup.
  • Purge the air between samples.
  • Memory storage of 1000 test results with patient ID.
  • Optional PS2 keyboard connection Lamp Saving mode
  • 35 Straightforward Test Keys for Test Selection
  • Utility Mode is used for self-diagnostics.
  • Coagulation test similar to PT with ISI value / INR / Ratio, APTT.
  • lipid profile calculation
  • Serum, Plasma, CSF, Urine, Whole Blood, and Hemolysate are all possible samples.

Technical Specification for rx bio chemistry analyzer

Thermostat System

  • Peltier regulated temperature of 25°, 30°, and 37° C, with RT programming.
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1°C

Cuvette – Dual mode

  • The flow cell of 18 µL
  • Removable cuvettes Square micro plastic cuvettes and a 13mm round test tube.

Aspiration system

  • Peristaltic pump and continuous flow cell system
  • The volume of the sipping reagent can be programmed from 100L to 2000L.
  • Air purge volume can be programmed from 30L to 150L.


  • 235 tests, 9 units, and storage of the latest 30 results for quality control.
  • 128 KB EEPROM memory


  • Type: Rapid Thermal Graphics
  • Printing rate: 50 mm/sec
  • Lines with dots: 384 dots per line
  • Paper: 57 mm wide, thermosensitive
  • RS232: For PC Connectivity

Screen and Keyboard

  • Blue LED-backlit: LCD with 240 x 128 pixels
  • Keyboard: Tactile Soft – Touch

Calculation Methods

  • Absorbance
  • Multipoint up to ten different standards
  • Standard/factor endpoint
  • Differential
  • Kinetics
  • Time constraint
  • Coagulation

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Micro lab RX 50 price

The price of the Micro lab RX 50 equipment is from 1700 to 2000 US dollars. Taking into account the marketing and commercial differences.

Micro lab RX 50 biochemistry analyzer is the best choice for laboratories because it is well known for its comfortable use. It has 199 open software locations, and 1000 test results stored in memory with patient ID.

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